Equipping Our Faculty with Tools and Technology

With the Dr. Michael K. Curley Teacher Innovation Grants, the LCCTF invests in curriculum enhancements, equipment and technology to support the innovation and state-of-the-art needs for the faculty of the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center.

Through initiatives such as our Fly on the Run event, Educational Improvement Tax Credit program and the ExtraGive, the LCCTF is able to support the faculty innovation of the LCCTC and invest in the future of the students of the LCCTC as they receive the best career training for Gold Collar Careers.

2021-2022 Dr. Michael K. Curley Teacher Innovation Grant Awardees

These awards were named in honor of Dr. Michael K. Curley, past Executive Director of the LCCTC from 2002–2008.  Dr. Curley was instrumental in the start of the LCCTF and is a continued supporter of the mission of the LCCTF and the LCCTC.

LCCTC Campus
Project Title
Instructor: Scott Kriner
Program: Photography & Digital Imaging
LCCTC Campus: Brownstown
Project Title: Introduction of video into the Photography & Digital Imaging program would allow students to approach storytelling in a professional way and allow them to develop the skills needed in today’s marketplace. Grant funds will be used to purchase new camera and video equipment.
Amount: $6,600
Instructor: Jim Smith and Corey Andrew
Program: Carpentry Technology
LCCTC Campus: Mt. Joy
Project Title: With video and drone technology, the Carpentry Technology program will create videos and online content during class projects.
Amount: $2,000
Instructor: Thomas Goehrig
Program: CDL Training Program
LCCTC Campus: Mt. Joy
Project Title: Grant funds will go towards the purchase of an automatic truck to keep with the changes in the trucking industry
Amount: $32,500
Instructor: Douglas Long
Program: Welding Technology
LCCTC Campus: Mt. Joy
Project Title: Laser beam welding has the potential to revolutionize welding technology as we know it today. Purchase of a LightWeld handheld Laser welding system will enable students to learn a cutting edge welding process.
Amount: $23,000
Instructor: Deb Dilworth
Program: Nursing Assistant/Home Health Aide
LCCTC Campus: Willow Street
Project Title: With COVID restrictions students are less able to practice skills on each other. Grant funds will help to purchase 2 Life form Manikins, providing students with a practice environment that helps them gain confidence in the skills they will need to perform as a Nursing Assistant.
Amount: $4,000
Instructor: TOTAL
Amount: $68,100

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