2020 Fly on the Run

With the closure of the LCCTC and the uncertain timeline of its reopening, continued stay-at-home recommendations, and unknown timeline when social distancing recommendations will be lifted, we have made the decision to cancel Fly on the Run scheduled for May 6 & 7.

However, as a thank you for your support this year, our hope is that we will be able to bring everyone together in October for fellowship and fun!  We’re not sure yet what that event will look like, but will be developing those plans as life comes back into our community.

These are trying times and unchartered waters for us all with so many uncertainties.  However, we know for certain that the LCCTC students will be moving forward in their education and career pathways, and the LCCTF is dedicated to continue our support for them.

While FOTR will not be held this Spring, we ask that you continue your support of the LCCTF and the LCCTC by keeping your Fly on the Run financial commitment with us.  Your dollars will support:

  • Scholarships for high school students continuing to higher education
  • Workforce Grants for high school and adult students who are entering the workforce after completion of their LCCTC programs
  • Teacher Innovation Grants to support curriculum enhancements for LCCTC faculty and their programs.

Last year, as a result of Fly on the Run, we provided $36,000 in scholarships, $20,000 in workforce grants and $80,000 in Teacher Innovation Grants and we hope that you will help us do the same this year by keeping your sponsorship and tournament registration dollars with the LCCTF.

Please contact the LCCTF about continuing your support of Fly on the Run.

lcctf@lancasterctc.edu or 717-653-3009